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  • Parkell Digitest 3 Pulp Vitality Tester

    $799.99 $479.99

    Parkell Digitest 3 Pulp Vitality Tester

    With the ability to offer the additional diagnostic test of electric stimulation using the Digitest3, dentists worldwide are routinely diagnosing and treating problematic teeth that otherwise might have to forgo treatment until a later date, when the problem more clearly presents itself.

    The Digitest® 3 electrically stimulates the tooth to test for vitality. Comparing the response to the stimulus of the suspected tooth with a known healthy tooth’s response to an identical stimulus can help you hone in on the source of the patient’s pain.
    How it Works The new Parkell Digitest 3 avoids patient discomfort in two ways: Instead of a constant current, the Digitest 3 stimulus consists of an oscillating pulse. We like to refer to it as the “gentle pulse” because a vital tooth feels the stimulus at a level well below the pain threshold. The Digitest 3 also increases the stimulus gradually, without sudden jumps that can trigger an “ouch” response.
    The trick when testing pulp vitality is to trigger a response from a vital tooth without hurting the patient. Many pulp testers go from “no reaction” to a jolt of pain in one step.
    Combining accuracy, patient comfort, ergonomics and reliability

    3 Year Warranty

    1 Digitest® 3 Pulp Tester;
    4 Autoclavable Probe Tips;
    1 Ground Wire (D631GC) & (1) Clip (D631GC);
    1 9-Volt Battery
    The durable, shaped case makes the Digitest 3 comfortable to handle, as well as being easy to wipe down for disinfecting. The Digitest 3 comes with a standard, 9-Volt Alkaline battery that may be easily replaced right in the dental office.

    Inside the Digitest 3 you will find:

    • Single tooth testing
    • Intuitive single button operation
    • Multiple test settings to accommodate personal preference
    • Self-calibrating for quick easy setup
    • Ergonomic design
    • Four autoclavable probes (included) promote easy access to all tooth surfaces
    • Standard 9V battery enables simple in-office replacement