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Portable Air Compressor ProAir I (DNTLworks)

$12,579.00 $2,059.99

Portable Air Compressor ProAir I (DNTLworks)

  • Rugged ABS/Polycarbonate and ATA style cases for easy cleaning.
  • Smooth-design cases for easy cleaning.
  • Clean air supply that is moisture and oil-free.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Color-coded connections for easy identification, training and utilization.
  • Hospital grade wiring.  NEMA type 5-15 plug.
  • 15 amp circuit protection.
  • Custom configurations are available.


Case Size (L/W/D):           21.9" x 18" x 8.4"
Case Type:                         ABS Polycarbonate
Weight:                                53 lbs (15Kg)
Sound Level:                      52 dB
Working Pressure:            125 psi
Horsepower:                      3/4 hp
Air Outlets:                          One
Flow Rate:                           2.75 scfm
Air Reservoir:                      1 gal
Power Supply:                    115 vac or 220 vac
Current:                                10.5 amps
Wattage:                               830
Frequency:                           60HZ or 50HZ
Type:                                     Oil-Free