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  • Portable Vacuum Unit-PortaVac (DNTLworks)

    $2,999.00 $2,504.00

    Portable Vacuum Unit-PortaVac (DNTLworks)

    3 year warranty 

    The PortaVac provides the dental professional with a powerful, quiet, and portable solution for evacuating waste material during dental procedures. Features include a 1/3 HP oil-free vacuum pump, dual hose design (saliva ejector and HVE), and large waste container with automatic shutoff. Its lightweight, impact resistant case and ergonomic carrying handle enable easy transportation.

    In a world where portability is sometimes necessary, effective dental waste handling is essential, yet increasingly difficult.  Asepsis concernes mandate proper waste collection and disposal, plus adequate power to aspirate all types or oral fluids and solids.

    The PortaVac from DNTLworks Equipment Corporation provides powerful suction capability in compact, lightweight carrying case.

    The PortaVac is designed for rugged transport and is ideal for missionary work, hospitals, clinics, private home care, nursing homes, the military, and many more field


    • Strong 1/3 hp vacuum motorLightweight, one-piece design in impact-resistant cases.
    • Dual hose design for H.V.E. and saliva ejector use.
    • Front mounted valve holders and controls for convenience.
    • Large waste container with automatic overflow shut-off.
    • 15 amp circuit protection.
    • Proudly made in the USA.
    • Hard shell integrated case. 
    • Accomodates many brands of H.V.E. and saliva ejector tips. 
    • Easy-reach front mounted controls. 
    • Large waste container.
    • Built-in carrying handle.
    • Small size for convenient storage.
    • Dual hose design
    • Automatic overflow shutoff
    • Lighweight, but rugged.
    • Specifications

      Length:                              24”  (60.9 cm)
      Width:                                10“ (25.4 cm)
      Height:                               21” (53.3 cm) 
      Weight:                              46 lbs.  (20.9 kg)

      Vacuum System
      Horsepower:                    1/3 hp
      Operating Pressure:       12" Hg
      Flow Rate:                         4.6 scfm
      Waste Receptacle:          2 qt (1.9 Liters)
      Sound Level:                    46dB
      Automatic Overflow Shutoff Valve

      Electrical System
      Voltage:                            115 Volts / 60Hz 
                                                 220 Volts / 50Hz
      Circuit Breaker:               15 amps
      Hospital Grade Wiring:   NEMA Type
                                                  5-15 Plug