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  • RexTar-X Handheld X-Ray Unit

    $5,999.00 $4,199.00

    RexTar-X Handheld X-Ray Unit

    Rextar-X is the latest, upgraded and totally new design among
    Rextar series.

    We put a lot of consideration and effort to create Rextar-X.
    Users can operate Rextar-X only by one hand.
    Operation software is more powerful by adopting smart buttons.
    Our highest technical specifications are world best among exisiting
    portable X-ray units.

    Smart Buttons memorize your needs

    Rextar-X has four new buttons on display.
    These buttons are same as channel buttons on TV remote control.
    If you have typical patient types, you can categorize them into four cases.
    For these four cases, you can set up the exposure values onto each smart button. After that, you can take X-ray by only three steps, Power on -> Press one of four smart buttons --> Press exposure button.
    Or you can change the values as per your needs.
    The buttons indicate patient types (Adult or Child) and types of teeth (Upper, lower - Canine tooth, Molar tooth)

    Designed for one hand operation

    To take dental X-ray, operators have to position devices and place
    sensors or film to patients' teeth. And conventional portable
    X-ray equipment should be handled by both hands due to heavy
    weight and all function buttons are spread in right and left sides.
    So users need assistants or ask patient to hold film or sensor.

    But Rextar-X has been designed with a hand strap, and power
    button and exposure button are placed in one side. And compact
    size and light weight can make you to operate it by one hand only.
    You can use one hand for holding X-ray and the other hand for
    positioning or controlling patients.

    High-Quality portable X-ray system

    All Rextar series have the highest technical specification among portable X-ray devices.
    It contribute for both image quality and safety.
    High Frequency X-ray Generator (70kV-2mA Fixed)
    High Quality Toshiba Tube used (Tube Focal Spot (0.4mm))
    Target Angle 12?
    43 (0.01~1.30s) steps of X-ray exposure time range.

    Designed with Safety in mind:
    1. Builtin leaded DoubleShield.
    2. Ergonomical design reduce risk to exposure by scattered radiation.
    3. Reliable safety protects user to stay with patient during Xray procedure.

    Compatible with all sensors:
    All digital USB type sensors existing in the world can be detected for the REXTARX
    (Conventional Film, Digital Imaging Sensor, Phosphor Plates).

    Upgraded Battery:
    The REXTARX uses battery as a power source. Hundreds of images can be obtained from one time charge, provides up to 300 exposures. 
    It is rechargeable, and you can charge it by using battery charger. Our company worked closely in collaboration with Samsung on the upgrade of the battery model. 
    Now operators can use it with satisfaction knowing this unit has better specification of the new battery.

    Rextar X Spec:

    Product                          REXTAR X Series
    Xray Tube                       Special (Toshiba D041)
    Tube Voltage / Current      70kV / 2mA
    Focal Spot                      0.4mm
    Target Angle                    12 Degrees
    Input power battery          100-240VAC, 50~60Hz 1.7A
    Input power Unit               19 VDC 3.16A
    Output power                   140W
    Power Supply                    11.1 VDC (Battery)
    Frequency                        70kHz
    Tube kV/Ma                      70kV/2mA(Fixed)
    Max. Deviation Kv              ±4%
    Xray Tube focal spot size    0.4 X 0.4 mm
    Xray Tube MAs                 ±10%
    Xray Tube Model               D041
    Xray Tube Filtration           Min. 1.0mmAl
    Weight                            1.6kg (3.5 Lbs)

    Product comes with:

    1-  RextarX unit

    1- Cone 1 (40mm)

    1- Cone 1 (140mm)

    1- Hand Strap

    1- Neckpiece to be attached to the unit

    1- Carrying case

    1- Operation and Service Manual

    1- Battery power charger

    1- Power cord

    1- Year warranty

    This unit is FDA approved K132041.