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  • Rotograph Evo D Digital Panoramic X Ray Unit (Villa) Over 5 Decades of Diagnostic Imaging

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    Rotograph Evo D Digital Panoramic X Ray Unit (Villa)

    over 5 Decades of Diagnostic Imaging


    The Rotograph EVO D is the 7th generation Rotograph brought to you by

    Villa. Its prestige has now been refined in 2014 with the addition of the touch screen interface, which effectively enhances operation with full representations of the jaw and skull. Our formula for best diagnostic images with lowest dose starts with 1) Short exam times preventing patient movement, 2) customizable kV 60 to 86 and mA 6 to 12 with preprogrammed values for patient size, and 3) image refinement delivered directly from the machine to your preferred capture software.

    23 industry standard tests including

    • Panoramic and Half Panoramic
    • Reduced Dose Panormaic
    • Ceph 18x22LL, 24x22PA, 24x22LL, 30x22LL and Carpus Exam
    • Frontal Dentition
    • Child
    • Sinus
    • TMJ Open/Closed Mouth
    • Double Bitewing, Right Only and Left Only Bitewing
    • Orthogonal
    • Perform tests for either High Definition or High Speed Low Dose
    • Constant Magnification
    • Adaption to Patient Anatomy (Protrusion Compensation)
    • Spine Shadow Reduction
    • Optional Implant Package & Tomography function for use in preliminary implant evaluation
    • Emergency USB memory stick storage capability (in case of computer failure)
    • 27 micron (µ) pixel size, th. 18.5 line pairs per millimeter (LP/mm) resolution!

    Protection for Your Investment

    Villa performance and endurance will help you reach the numbers required by today’s busy offices. Maximize your ROI from Day 1 by choosing a product that can meet the high demand of day to day image production AND compete in the long term by choosing a manufacturer known to deliver systems proven to withstand the test of time. In comparison to other Panoramic systems which may take several days of training or more to install, calibrate and ensure proper staff training, Villa dealers will install, calibrate and train staff for complete office integration within 48 hours all with less unnecessary follow-up than any brand on the market.

    • Best Price Performance Ratio
    • Complete Office Integration in 48 Hours!
    • Pan Only “Upgradeable to Ceph” Models Available with choice of Single or Dual Sensor