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  • SaeShin Forte 100A 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor

    $499.99 $379.99

    SaeShin Forte 100A 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor

    Set includes Forte 100A control box. FORTE F100AIII brushless handpiece, speed control foot pedal, motor handpiece stand, one fuse and one wrench. SaeShine Forte 100A is a compact and high-performance electronic Micro Motor system That Accepts standard sized 3/32" Burs.

      • Digital display
      • Compact- Stylish Body
      • Selector Button (Hand or Foot)
      • Excellent durability
      • Overload protection system
      • Powerful Torque
      • Ergonomic design
      • Brushless Handpiece F100AIII
      • Strong Durable Motor, Powerful torque at low speeds
      • RPM : Max 50,000RPM
      • Torque: Max. 7.8
      • Weight: 254g
      • Dimension : 171mm / 29 Φ
      • 1 Year Warranty

    The SaeShin Forte 100A is equipped with cutting-edge brushless technology, ensuring consistent and efficient performance at 50,000 RPM. This exceptional speed control makes it ideal for a wide range of Dental Laboratory applications, guaranteeing precise results in every procedure. With its brushless technology, it offers reliability and durability, reducing maintenance hassles.