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SigmaCam Bio Ray Intraoral Camera (Sigma Biomedics)

$3,999.00 $899.00

SigmaCam Bio Ray Intraoral Camera (Sigma Biomedics)

Introducing our "new" multi-function, usb direct digital SigmaCam intraoral video camera....truely messy interface box or capture cards needed.

Besides producing awesome 1.2 mega pixel images, SigmaCam also has an adjustable focus, allowing the operator to take full face, as well as before & after pictures. A unique light dimming feature also eliminates glare on extreme close-ups as experienced with other cameras.

The led lights may also be turned off totally, enabling the SigmaCam to be used to take digital shots of old films on a view box to be stored digitally in the patients file.

A "true value" priced below $2000.

The easily affordable and economically priced SigmaCam plugs directly into your computers' USB port with a supplied cable. There are no bulky converter boxes to deal with or PC interface cards, and it weighs only about 1 oz., which alows you to move it from operatory to operatory with ease.

All images are capured directly into the patients file using our imaging software without the use of mouse clicks or foot pedals.

SigmaCam Specifications:

* Image Sensor:     1/4" CMOS
* Max. Image Resolution:   1.2 Mega Pixels, 1280 x 960
* Still Image capture:  1280 x 960 - 640 x 480 - 320 x 240
* Frame Rate:   30fps Maximum
* Depth of Field:     5mm (min) - Adjustable
View Angle:    68 Degrees       
* Dimensions:    193mm (L) x 23mm (W) x 20mm (H)
* Weight:     35 grams
* Video Output:     Fully Digital
* Cable length:      2m or 5m
* Power Supply:       From PC via USB
* Light Source:    6 White LED Lights