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  • SiriusMax Advanced Curing Light System

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    SiriusMax Advanced Dental Curing Light System

      Designed and built to stand up to the demanding environment of a busy dental office.
      The robust aluminum construction and thoughtful design considerations ensure that SiriusMax will handle constant use day in and day out. Compared to plastic curing lights that tend to break down from chemical disinfectants or as a result of being bumped or dropped, SiriusMax is virtually indestructible. Rapid charging battery system powers up to 500 curing cycles on a single charge.

      Focused for deep uniform curing
      Custom precision Dual-Core lens technology distributes the light output evenly across the large 10 mm lens surface while collimating the beam to achieve deep, uniform activation and complete polymerization. The first lens layer distributes the light energy evenly across the entire lens surface while the second lens layer focuses that energy to deliver it deeper into your restorations to achieve optimal depth of cure. The large spot size ensures full coverage over even the largest restorations, reducing the need for multiple cures.

      Comfortable for patients and clinicians

      At only 9 mm thick and featuring a generous reach for posterior work, the SiriusMax is comfortable for patients and for the clinician. The 180 degree swivel head directs the curing beam precisely where it needs to be while allowing you to stabilize the device properly and maintain clear view of the activation and output selection controls.

      Easy to use

      SiriusMax is equipped with Microprocessor precision controls and a super-bright, organic LED display that is easy to read even under powerful surgery lighting. SiriusMax output mode changes are made quickly and easily via a single mode selection button. The control set is completed with just two additional buttons. One button for activating the curing light and another for engaging the white light transillumination feature.

      Built-in Transillumination Light

      Onboard white-light transillumination feature aiding in caries diagnosis, finding fractures in teeth and visual guidance during procedures

      Freedom of Choice

      With SiriusMax, you are in complete control. The LED menu system is designed for quick and simple customization and can be modified anytime. You decide which curing modes to make available on your menu, and as materials and techniques change, SiriusMax can too. 

      and comfortable placement with 90 degree delivery and slender swivel head design

      design and construction to meet the demands of a busy dental office

      collimated beam with large 10mm spot ensures deep, even curing

      LED menu lets you choose from nine curing modes and three power levels