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South East Instuments AutoScaler Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

$799.00 $589.00

South East Instuments AutoScaler Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

The Autoscaler® is American made for high quality, and as the professional you get an outstanding product. Over 35 years of design experience is incorporated into the Autoscaler®. We design and manufacture the Autoscaler® entirely in our Gainesville Florida facility. 

FEATURES include a detachable handpiece assembly (not shown in photo and attaches to the front left side of the console), precision automatic tuning and water pressure flow regulation to ensure precise delivery of water during procedures.


Height: 2.2" Weight: 8.6" Depth: 7.9"

Weight: 7 pounds

Insert Stroke: 0.001/0.003 elliptical motion

Output Power

Operator adjustable from front panel up to 70 watts. Watts measured at AC primary. Linear Power Control.

Water Input Pressure Needed

Minimum 20 PSIG to MAX 80 PSIG pressure range input city or bottle water supply. Water flow requirement from insert is 18cc per minute MINIMUM FLOW to 40cc per minute. 

AC Current Draw and Input Voltage

0.8 amps @ 110/125 VAC 50/60Hz fuse with AGC 2.0 amp fast blow style

Autoscaler Is Supplied With (approximate measurement)

(1) 8.0' Detachable handpiece assembly

(1) 8.0' Foot Switch

(1) 8.0' Water Tubing with 1/4 Male quick release attachment

(1) Complete instructions and internet web support 

Frequency Generated

2 models offered: 25,000Hz CPS and 30,000Hz CPS (cycles per second)  

6 Year Warranty Limited 

Accepts the corresponding frequency: DENTSPLY® CAVITRON® Brand ( TFI, P, SLI and FSI inserts)