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  • SurgyStar Plus Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery Unit

    $5,999.00 $4,099.99

    SurgyStar Plus Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery Unit

    The SurgyStar Plus Piezo Bone Surgey Unit has a Working Frequency of 20 KHz ~ 32 KHz
    Unit Dimension : 189mm (W) X 265mm (D) X 175mm (H)
    Good design with built in Peristaltic Pump. Stronger than the Surgery Star. Uses a Larger Osillator Led Optic Handpiece For Improved Visibility.
    Self cleaning Function : enables cleaning cycles to be carried out on the water tubing.
    Automatic Protection Control : Shut down power and water supply in case of incorrect use of the handpiece and insert tip.


    LCD Screen
    - Soft and Easy way to touch.
    - Color TFT 4.8 inch touch screen.
    - Adjustable function during operation.

    Foot Switch
    - Foot Lock function is easy & convenient with its adjustable menu for water, power & boost.
    - Adjustable function during operation.

    Water Pump
    - Easy to connect and change tubing.
    - Adopting peristaltic pump, a certain amount of water supply is available.

    Optic Handpiece
    - Better visibility with optic handpiece (100,000 Lux)

    Package Content:
    -(1) Surgystar Plus Unit.
    -(1) Optic Handpiece.
    -(1) Foot Pedal.
    -(1) Autoclavable tray.
    -(1) Irrigation tubing.
    -(1) 100-230V transformer.
    -(1) Informative DVD.
    -(1) User manual.
    -(2) Handpiece holder.
    -(1) Water/saline Hanger
    -(1) Portable case.
    -(14) TIPS.

    -(1) One Year on the Handpiece
    -(2) Two Years on the Main Unit