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  • The Cure TC-01 LED Dental Curing Light

    $799.99 $599.99

    The Cure Dental LED Curing Light By Spring Health Care

    With more than 20 years of experience in developing curing light technology, Spring Health Products THE CURE, TC-01, LED light is one the smallest and most powerful corded lights. It is Made in the USA and the latest in high-power LED technology providing 1400 mW/cm² intensity. The LED had 4 diodes and allows for a 6-second cure. The all metal housing is durable, easy to disinfect and virtually unbreakable. The unique, ergonomic shape provides a comfortable grip from any angle.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Dual switches allowing ease of operation in any position;
    • High/Low output from 700 to 1400 mw/cm2;
    • 16-second timed cycle, beeps every 2-seconds;
    • Included in box with TC-01: AC adapter power supply, 8mm lens, lens wrench, 2-light shields, 50 protective sleeves, and handpiece hanger. (mount sold separately.



    • Weight: 2.75oz (83g)
    • Length: 8-inches (20.3cm)
    • Grip Diameter: 0.75-inches (1.9cm)
    • Output: 1400mw/cm2
    • Power: 1400mw/cm2 - 700mw/cm2
    • Curing Time: 5-15 seconds for modern composites (A3 or lighter shades)
    • LED Wave Length: 440-465nm
    • Timer: 2-seconds - turns off automatically in 16-seconds
    • Beeper: 2-second audible beeper
    • Housing: Anodized aluminum handle, light-weight all metal housing
    • On/Off Switch: 750-Dual Switches
    • County of Origin: Made in the USA, including circuit board
    • Warranty: 1-year warranty on all parts and labor.