The CURE - TC-CL II Dental Curing Light

$699.00 $521.99

The Cure TC-CL II is a cordless, light weight, all metal LED curing light used for the polymerization of dental materials. The unit has a light intensity of
1200 mW/cm² and a broad light spectrum suitable for curing all dental materials that cure in the wavelength of 440-465 nm for a 6 second cure. The lithium-ion battery takes approximately two hours to charge a completely discharged battery, and then has a total run time of 45 minutes. A visible green light indicates the unit is charged. Audible beeps occur every 2 seconds during operation, and the light timer can be adjusted between 2 and 20 seconds. A radiometer that provides the user with a numerical reading of the light intensity is an optional accessory. The Cure TC-CL II can run in a high mode for curing materials, low mode for curing near the pulp and minimize polymerization shrinkage.

The comfortable grip of the CURE is a favorite of both dental assistants and dentists. The ease of switching modes makes this light simple to use. Easy access to all areas of the mouth is provided by its extremely slim shape of the light and its incredibly light weight prevents fatigue. The docking station is stable and continuously charges the unit between uses. 1 Year warranty

  • Weight      2.75 oz or 83 gr
  • Overall Length      8” or 20.3 cm
  • Grip Diameter      .750” or 1.9 cm
  • Base Diameter      .815” or 2.1 cm
  • Battery/Output    45 minutes continuous run time
  • Constant light output of 1200mW/cm²
  • Power    Programmable high setting 1200mW/cm² and low setting 600mW/cm² for optional step curing
  • Curing Time    Average cure time 5-15 seconds
  • The CURE offers fast, reliable curing in as little as 6 seconds on most modern composites (A3 or lighter shades)
  • Led Wave length     440-465nm
  • Battery Life    Long lasting lithium-ion battery
  • 12-24 months battery life- replaceable at chair side
  • Timer    Digital programmable timer - 8 settings from 2 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Beeper    2 second audible beeper
  • Housing    Durable anodized aluminum handle
  • High-tech, light-weight all metal housing. Its is small in size and one of  the lightest on the market
  • Easy to clean.
  • Replaceable Lens    Replaceable chair side lens in case the lens get degraded
  • On/Off Switch    Dual switches:
  • Ease of operation in any position.
  • Country of Origin    Made in the USA, including the circuit board
  • Warranty    1 year warranty on all parts and labor including battery