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  • The Trojan 7W High Intensity Led Dental Wirless Curing Light

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    The Trojan 7W High Intensity Led Dental Wirless Curing Light

    The Trojan Broad Band Dental Curing Light is a high intensity curing light for use with visible light-cured dental materials. It is
    designed with an ultra-low-profile head and a unique, ergonomically curved shape. This allows excellent access to all
    areas of the mouth, especially the hard-to-reach palatal and lingual surfaces.
    The Trojan Curing Light uses high-performance Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that emit a wide band"broad-band high-power LED" Wave lenght of 385-515nm bluelight. The light will fully cure all light-curing dental materials on the Market. The Trojan Dental Broad Band Curing light has a Light intensity up to 2000mW/cm2.

    the Trojan Broad Band Dental Curing Light rapidly
    delivers complete curing of all dental restorations.
    The Trojan Curing Light is operated using a simple 4 button interface, and up to 4 preselected timing modes. Once the curing cycle has been initiated for a 5 -10- or 20- second timing mode, audible beep sounds
    occur at regular intervals to enable the operator to monitor the progress of the cure. You can also mute the beeps.
    The cycle can be terminated at any time by simply pressing the on/off button.

    The Trojan Curing light comes with 4 Extra Tips Curing tips for Endo, Small Spot Curing and Large spot curing. the Light guide is not mad eout of glass so no worries about it breaking.
    The Trajon High Intensity Curing Light operates from a 5Vdc,2A, high-drain, rechargeable Lithium-
    Manganese (Li-Mn) battery, which is easily replaced by the user. Fast charging current can reach maximum 2A. So, the battery is fully charged within 60 minutes. When not in use, the
    curing light is stored in a convenient charging stand that is connected to a wall-mount,
    AC-to-DC transformer. The stand keeps the light upright, conserving valuable
    countertop space in the dental operatory, and eliminates the possibility of overcharging. Blue on the charging base shows its in stand by mode, Red it is charging and Green Fully charged. 2 Year Warranty

    Includes: Curing light handpiece- Disposable hygiene sleeve- Plaque glass filter- Eye shield- Charging cradle- Power supply (adapter & AC plug)1 Year Warranty