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  • Traus Wireless Dental Endodontic Rotary System

    $999.99 $569.99

    Traus Wireless Dental Endodontic Rotary System

    The Traus Cordless Endo Motor & Handpiece System is an ergonomic and highly reliable means to power rotary nickel titanium files in modern rotary endodontics. The system is complete (it comes with the handpiece head) and features 100-600 RPM, torque control, and a gear ratio of 16:1 & 20:1. The unit is fully programmable, rechargeable and has an automatic shut off to preserve battery life. Additional heads can be purchased separately.

    Simple interface design for easy control
    No space-limitation for operation
    Optimized design for user interface
    Ergonomic and compact body
    Endo mode:
    RPM: 100-600RPM
    Gear ratio: 16:1, 20:1
    Rotation mode: 1, 2

    Program function:
    5 memory programs of (Gear ratio, Torque, RPM, Direction mode) are available to set.

    Setting torque limit function
    Once actual load on the files is higher than preset torque, it stops working automatically

    Rotation mode:
    Users can choose auto-rotation mode according to operation condition
    Mode 1: Once actual torque is over the preset torque, the file moves in reverse rotation. After removing the load, it stops.
    Mode 2: Once actual torque is over the preset torque, the file runs in reverse automatically and it turns forward rotation again once load released.

    Auto-off function: 
    Power is off with beep sound after 4 minutes without operation.