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  • TurboSensor Plus Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Unit D660

    $1,299.99 $1,099.00

    TurboSensor Plus Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Unit

    New TurboSensor+ ultrasonic scaler combines the reliability and performance of its trusted predecessor, the TurboSensor, with exciting new features that enhance the scaling experience in today’s demanding work environment. We only Carry Color Pearl.
    Legacy + Innovation = Unbeatable. Parkell TurboSensor+ Dental Ultrasonic Scaler  5 Year Warranty


    New IntelliSense™ processor ensures top-level, consistent performance with all market-leading 30K inserts
    New detachable, autoclavable 30K handpiece for enhanced instrument reprocessing*
    New colors to complement the style and personality of every office
    New tap-on purge functionality for waterline cleansing
    New reduced power handpiece priming mode for additional protection of electronic components
    Streamlined setup with a more compact transformer and power cord for easier placement
    Enhanced water pressure control
    Designed, manufactured, and serviced in the U.S.A.