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Ultimate Cure LED, Cordless Curing Light Unit (Dental USA)

$499.00 $269.99

Ultimate Cure LED, Cordless Curing Light Unit (Dental USA)

The Ultimate Cure LED Dental Curing Light is used in fast solidification by Curing Dental resin. It is a new generation of standard developed LED Dental Curing Light, with Smart intelligent chip, the world advanced high intensity LED light and Li-on rechargeable battery. It can cure all the dental resins in the market, Its performance is further surpass the halogen curing light's, which can solidify 4-5mm deepness in 8 seconds.

  •  Efficient Light Emitting Diode Technology
  • Very Lightweight
  • Curing Times: 4s,6s,8s
  • It Is Rechargeable
  • Cures All Types Of Composites
  • Completely Digital 
  • Charging Time About 2 hours
  • Wave lenght: 430-490nm
  • Light intensity: 2,000mW/cm2
  • 2 Year Warranty