• Woodpecker AP-H Dental Air Polisher

    $399.99 $279.99

    Woodpecker AP-H Dental Air Polisher

    • The WoodPecker AP-H Air Polisher Unit is Faster and more convenient Than regular scaling.
    • Two-in-one: Supragingival & subgingival
    • Ergonomic design
    • Compact and lightweight
    • New Aerodynamic Design
    • Effectively Remove Plaque
    • More sientific More efficient

    • Amazing Dental Air Polisher with subgingival mode

    • 0.7mm small caliber nozzle

    • Three-section air-polishing handpiece design

    • 360°rotatable

    • User-friendiy design, more flexible and light weight

      WoodPecker AP-H Air Polishing Unit is Efficient And Comfortable at Removing Plaque. Air Polishing Can Achieve significant Scaling of the stains for adjacent teeth, Orthodontic Brackets and other difficult to clean areas. After Scaling or manual Scaling patients are likley to fell that teeth surface is rough and uneven. the main function of our AP-H Air Polisher is to polish the teeth surface leaving the tooth smoother and any new plaque less likley to adhere.

    Three Section Handpiece Design

    Detachable Handpiece Easy for Negotiation if clog Occurs. Lightweight Design for Lower Hand Fatigue.

    Small Caliber Nozzle. More Concentrated Powder Output

    x1 Instruction manualx1 O-Ring Needle
    x10 Subgingival Nozzles- Plus Only
    x1 Needle Short
    x1 Needle Long
    x1 Supragingival Air Polishing Handpiece AP-1
    x1 Subgingival Air Polishing Handpiece AP-2- Only For AP-H Plus Only
    x1 Main AP-H Air Polisher Unit

    The WoodPecker AP-H Air Polisher includes the following items with the initial kit.

    Main technical specification

    Input water pressure:0.7bar to 2.2bar (70-220kPa)
    Input air pressure: 3.5bar to 4.5bar (350-450kPa)
    Working modes: continuous operation, Intermittent operation
    Weight: About 0.150kg
    Connector: Meets the requirements of YY / T 0514
    Operation environment:
    Environment temperature:  10 +40
    Relative humidity: 30% 75%
    Atmospheric pressure:50kPa  106kPa