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  • Woodpecker PT-B Dental Scaler and Air Polisher

    $5,999.99 $5,499.99

    Woodpecker PT-B Dental Scaler and Air Polisher

    The Woodpecker PT-B model combines air polishing and scaling into one smart system with an easy to understand and adjust touch screen display. The PTA is your complete prophylaxis solution. Air polishing uses compressed air to spray powder and water on the tooth surface to remove surface adhesives such as plaque. It is comfortable for the patient, powerful and does not scratch the tooth surface.

    The all new PT-B scaler and air polisher combo includes many upgrades including 1) auto-preheating of the water and 2) a wireless bluetooth foot pedal.

    State-of-the-art Perio Treatment Protocol Unique Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

    Air Polishing

    • 12 level of water volume and power adjustment for precise treatment
    • 4 temperature settins for added comfort

    Ultrasonic Scaling

    • 3 modules: G P E
    • 4 functions
    • Periodontal Treatment
    • Endontic Treatment
    • Restoration Preparation
    • Implant Maintenance

    Multifuctional Wireless Foot Pedal

    • Bluetooth 5.0 connection for super fast response
    • Enable 72h continuous working when fully charged
    • Dual Foot pedals for worry free power supply
    • Verstatile and convenient operation 
    • 2 Year warranty on main unit and 1 year on handpiece

    Air Polishing + Ultrasonic Periodontal Treatment+ Endodontic Treatment+ Implant Maintenance. Efficient And Comfortable Plaque Removal.  Air Polishing Can Achieve significant Scaling of the stains for adjacent teeth, Orthodontic Brackets and other difficult to clean areas. After Scaling or manual Scaling patients are likley to fell that teeth surface is rough and uneven. the main function of our Air Polisher is to polish the teeth surface leaving the tooth smoother and any new plaque less likley to adhere.

    Equipped with two water supply bottles 600ml and 1400ml made of anti-corrosice materials. They can contain special chemicals such as chlorhexidine, Hydrogen peroxide, or sodium Hypoclorite for endo. Water heating unit makes the treatment more bearable.

    The WoodPecker PT-B Air Polisher includes the following items with the initial kit.

    x1 Main PT-B Unit
    x1 Power Cord
    x1 Wireless Foot Pedal
    x2 Ultrasonic Handpiece
    x2 P33 Tip
    x2 P50L Tip
    x2 P50R Tip
    x2 P56 Tip
    x2 P59 Tip
    x1 P94 Tip
    x1 E95 Tip
    x2 E60 Tip
    x2 Torque Wrench
    x2 Air Polishing Handpiece
    x2 Powder Tank
    x1 Water Bottle 600ml
    x1 Water Bottle 1,400ml
    x2 Sterilization Box Perio
    x1 Sterilization Box Air Polishing
    x1 Braided Tube
    x2 Needle
    x1 Air Filter Cartridge
    x1 O-Ring Kit
    x2 Rubber Sealing Element
    x2 Endo Wrench
    x2 LED Light
    x10 Nozzle
    x1 Nozzle Wrench
    x1 Union Tee
    x1 Male Connector
    x1 Female Connector
    x1 Quick Coupler
    x4 PU Tube
    x1 Instruction Manual
    x1 Tip Book
    x1 Packing List
    x1 Certification Document
    x2 Prophylaxis Powder

    Main Differences Between Woodpecker
    PT-B and PT-A Scaler & Air Polisher Combo Models


    PT-B                                                                         PT-A
    Screen Parameters Higher Resolution Screen                     Lower Resolution Screen
    1280x720                                                                  1024x600                                                                             

    Heating Power &
    300W Heating Power                                                    50W Heating Power
    Allows for Auto-Preheating                                            No Preheating Function
    4 Temperature Settings                                                No Heating Level Options

    Magnetic induction type                                                Mechanical button type

    Foot Pedal

    Wireless multi-function Foot Pedal                                    Wired Multi-Function Foot Pedal

    Power Supply

    Built-In Switch-Mode Power Supply                                   External Power Transformer