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  • X-Lite II Dental Cordless LED Curing light

    $399.00 $199.99

    X-Lite II Dental Cordless LED Curing light

    The X-Lite II LED Cordless Curing Light delivers a curing spot more than twice the size of traditional lights. So it’s terrific for zapping sealants, large occlusal restorations, laminates and crown preps sealed with bonding agents.

    Xlite II Dental Curing Light is a high-quality Dental Curing Light which has been designed according to the latest standard of science and technology in compliance with the relevant industry standards.
    The operating instructions will help you safely start up the device ,make full use of its capabilities and ensure a long service life.
    •  Efficient Light Emitting Diode Technology
    • Very Lightweight
    • 5 watt Led Bulb
    • Cures All Types Of Composites
    • Completely Digital 
    • Charging Time About 2 hours
    • Wave lenght: 380-515nm
    • Light intensity: 1,600mW/cm2
    • 2 Year Warranty