Hyfrecator®2000 Electrosurgery Unit (Conmed)

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Conmed Hyfrecator®2000 Electrosurgery Unit

The Hyfrecator® Electrosurgery Unit has been the #1 product of choice by physicians in office based electrosurgery for over 60 years. CONMED is pleased to continue this tradition with the new Hyfrecator®2000 Electrosurgery Unit which features: Memory to store up to 3 power settings.  Remote control handpiece to change power settings, maintain the sterile field and decrease procedural time.  Dual Microprocessors: one to control the function and output of the Hyfrecator®, the second to terminate activation if a hazard or safety issue is detected. Cost effective alternative to various laser procedures.The unit, autoclave hand switching pencil, two non-sterile sheaths, two sterile sheaths, two boxes of disposable tips (50 ea- sharp/blunt, wall mount bracket, owners manual,  procedural video, and The Hyfrecator® Electrosurgery Unit Has a 5 year warranty